Valerie Barrett-Noel
Owner/ Therapist


I am Valerie Barrett- Noel, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

I graduated with my master's in social work from Fordham University. I completed my undergrad in criminal justice investigative services at the University of New Haven with concentrations in fire science and victim services.

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement, guidance, validation, motivation, and a safe space to voice our concerns, feelings, thoughts, ideas, and questions. I am willing to be that person for you! have worked with clientele from all different backgrounds, cultures, and ages in spectrums such as domestic violence victims/survivors, sexual assault, homicide, substance abuse, and integrating those who have been incarcerated back into the community for over 6 years.My focus in therapy sessions is working together to address concerns holistically. I specialize in trauma-informed care and empowering clients to attain their dreams, aspirations, and goals. I believe that every person has resiliency when focused on changing negatives to positives. Make your negatives turn into positives with me!

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